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triumph paint

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I've seen a lot of questions about the green Triumph used, so my research findings are.

Standard/Triumph color code 25 conifer green for all cars. 

In 1966 Triumph put out a Tech Bulletin changing it to Triumph Racing Green (due to success in racing and the other company's using British racing Green)

Each British company's green was different.

So BL (MG and OTHERs) took over Triumph and Triumph Racing Green(conifer) went away. the BRG or TRG  color changed to the BL BRG which is the MG BRG.  

Close but not the same Conifer green had more blue in the mixture. and you can see it if a MG in next to a Spitfire or TR3.

Hope that clears up some questions.



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I know the TR3 and first two or so years of the TR4 used British Racing Green and at that time there were no triumph color codes.  The Triumph version of BRG was a consistent color until the switch.  


Without looking it up, as I recall they switched to Triumph Racing green around 1963 or 64.


There are as many different colors of British Racing Green as there were British car manufacturers.  Triumph, Jaguar, MG, etc, etc, etc, each had their own green they called BRG.


The Ditzler / PPG British Racing Green code 42487 I had mixed by TCP Global was an exact match to the original paint under the dash of my 1962 TR4.





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Thanks for the reply. I forgot I did my research in England for my 65 Spitfire4. I went through tech bulletins from the western zone USA.  I wish I had earlier than 63 but it was called Triumph Racing Green in the USA  bulletin T-63-31 dated Apr 12 1963 gives the formulas for it, mixed by Rinshed-Mason and Dupont.  Bulletin T-67-7 was a re-issue of T-64-11 paint color code   green is the 5,  1st shade was Cactus(15), 2nd shade Conifer Green*(25)(in most books and England) 3rd shade was Olive(35) bottom of page * note is "*Known in the U.S.A. as Triumph Racing Green." It is also called TRG(25) in T-66-15 that bulletin is about the Imperial Chemical Industries of London, who manufactures much of the production paints for Triumph, is making their new Hi-Build lacquers available in the USA through their distributors. The bottom line is "The information is provided as a service to anyone requiring the original Triumph paint and does not affect our American Domestic formulas."    

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