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Wheels for my new 74 model 100

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At least one size exists exists in that bolt pattern, and maybe there are others. I found these 20x8:




But that doesn't necessarily mean they will fit. You would need to do more measurements, starting with the hub size, in other words is the hole big enough to go over the hub. You might have to contact AR to sort that out. Then there is the offset. Measure the backspacing, from the inside of the wheel flange on the wheel to the inside rim. Then compare to the new one. Since the new one will probably be wider, figure out how much of the new width is on the inside and how much is on the outside. Preferably you want to add about as much to the inside as the outside. But, if the rim is going to hit a tierod or something, then you might have to put more on the outside. Compare to available wheels. You might have to contact AR to get the backspacing of theirs. Then, if the wheels will go on, start picking tires and use their measurements to see if it looks like they are going to rub on anything when you steer or go over bumps.


Who said it wouldn't fit? Honestly it's kind of a crapshoot.


Your bolt pattern was used on Ford 1/2 ton trucks for literally decades, and I think Jeeps too. Unless the IH has huge hubs or something that wont go in the holes, I would think aftermarket wheels should be pretty easy. Good luck.



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