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I'm restoring a '72 Cutlass Convertible and would like some info. There is a part behind the backseat believed to be a part of the fuel system. What is it? It's located in the center behind the back rest of the backseat. Fuel lines come up through the floorboard. Any information on what this is, and can I bypass it while sandblasting and undercoating is taking place? Also, where can I buy the chrome trim that is mid-way up the door and on the front and rear quarters. It's about a half inch wide. If you have any info, contact me at 600tom@msn.com Thanks!!!

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It's the fuel tank vent and vapor recovery and separation tank. It's an early fuel vapor recovery system. Fuel vapor from the underhood carbon canister travels to it and is then condensed back to liquid fuel which returns to the fuel tank. The fuel tank also vents thru this device and the carbon canister, so if it gets stopped up, your mess ain't gonna run very well at best, and the tank could implode at worst. As long as you don't get any sand or undercoating in it or the tank you should be OK.

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