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Wiper Conversion,1934 Chrysler Kew (Plymouth PE DeLuxe)


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I am thinking of converting from the Vacuum system to a 6 or 12 volt motor for the wipers on my 1934 Chrysler Kew Six (Plymouth PE DeLuxe). I have the Cruising Electronics 6 to 12 volt convertor fitted so i can go with either a 6 or 12 volt motor set up. I have sent numerous emails to Newport Engineering to see if their 1935-36 Plymouth/Dodge kit will fit the 1934 PE DeLuxe Plymouth but have not received any replies. ( Are they still in buisness ?)

I would appreciate any advice/suggestions on what might fit my car wiper set up. I could go single wiper motor on the driver side without the linkage set up for both wipers, but 2 functioning wipers here in Ireland would be ideal for the amount of rain we get. 

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This outfit sells a remote mounted motor and uses a tube with a cable inside to drive a gear mechanism at the windows.

I was able to snake that tube thru the A-pillar on my 37 Desoto (wipers top mounted). The motor mounts above the kick panel (actually behind the dash).

It takes some patience and some fabrication but they work well and I opted for the delay feature.

Very well engineered for all wiper configurations.



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