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37 Buick Special 40 Grill needed

Mark Hatton

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I live in the UK and run a 1937 Buick Special 40 Trunkback. Last week I had a shunt whilst driving in France and have damaged the front of the car quite badly. The right hand front grill broke into several pieces, so I either need a complete right hand grill to rechrome, or the top half of an old broken grill to repair mine with. Part of two of the slats are missing as I couldn't find them on the road after the accident. I have tried Bob Carruba and Dave Tacheny, but no luck there. Anyone help? I use this car as regular transport, so it does a few miles!1122253980_Claimpic6.thumb.JPG.b41d99d18aa358187426cc0aa79db029.JPG

Claim pic 7.JPG

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