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  1. I live in the UK and have just bought a 1918 Buick E45 six. It is a great car that came from Kansas in 2016, and had been owned by one family until then. The motor needs a complete rebuild soon, though the car is running and driving. I need a set of pistons and wondered if anyone had any advice on where to get some, or what pistons from other applications might fit. I know that Egge can make a set if necessary. I have put an ad in the parts wanted section.
  2. I live in the UK, and have a 1918 Buick E-6-45 Tourer. I need a set of six pistons. Anybody help or have advice? I know I can get them made by Egge.
  3. I live in the UK and run a 1937 Buick Special 40 Trunkback. Last week I had a shunt whilst driving in France and have damaged the front of the car quite badly. The right hand front grill broke into several pieces, so I either need a complete right hand grill to rechrome, or the top half of an old broken grill to repair mine with. Part of two of the slats are missing as I couldn't find them on the road after the accident. I have tried Bob Carruba and Dave Tacheny, but no luck there. Anyone help? I use this car as regular transport, so it does a few miles!
  4. Thanks for the lead, appreciated. However, mine don't look at all like this. Mine are 3.5ins long, thin, and live in the spline. My previous post referred to Synchro cone, I actually meant to say synchro drum.
  5. I live in the UK, and run a 37 Buick 40 series Special. I've got the transmission apart and need to find a set of three NOS detent springs (which live under the sliding gear), and a rear sychro cone (the large one for intermediate). I have already sourced a NOS front syncro cone from Bob's which is good news. Can anyone help?
  6. I forgot to mention, I fitted two new syncro hubs, bought from Bob's.
  7. Both these replies are helpful, and thanks for making the effort to respond so quickly and with images! I Have renewed the engine & tranny mounts about 18 months ago, so I don't believe these are affecting the gearchange, as I have done 2000 miles since then, no problems. I have put the large flat rubber insulators under the rear springs (which were missing), but can't see this altering things transmission-wise.. I was very careful to put it all back in the right order (twice!), so don't think I left anything out. I shall check this even more carefully when I take it out again. I would li
  8. I live in the UK and have a problem with the tranny on my 1948 model 56 Sedanet. It is a 3 speed manual RHD. I have had it for 10 years and the transmission always worked well, but was noisy. It never jumped out of gear, and changed gear fine, though a bit 'crunchy'. I took the tranny apart last August renewed all the bearings seals etc, and also the 1st/ reverse sliding gear (good secondhand) and 2nd/ 3rd sliding gear (new from Bob's). I also replaced the very worn UJ with a new one. Everything worked perfectly on the bench. Driving the car and changing through the gears, all the gears work p
  9. I live in the UK, and have two Buicks, a 48 56S and a 37 40 Special. I have got the gearbox off the 37 series 40, and have fitted new bearings etc, and have also fitted a new ring gear and clutch. Whilst the axle is off the car, I would like to get the Universal Joint rebuilt, as there is some play in it. Bob's Automobilia hasn't got a replacement web & bearings, and suppliers in the UK can't help with this. All have told me that new bearings are not currently being made. I really need to source a NOS item that somebody might have on their shelf! I'll pay any reasonable price. Though my UJ
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