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Coil/Distributor issue...

Alan Cutler

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Ok, just need a sounding board, as we all do every now and then...


I am getting current on both sides of my points when trying to start up a '36 L 6, and yes even when they are not closed.


It was a slow failure, ran for a while, then would cut out after 1 or 2 min, and now won't start at all...


Of course the distributor is all confused and has no idea what to fire....so I can't get it running.


Am I off in thinking ether the primary or secondary windings in the coil shorted....


Or is this a failed condenser....


All thoughts appreciated and will chase all leads presented....

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Disconnect primary power wire to the coils, and check for voltage drop while disconnected. Be sure an electric fuel pump is not wired to the ignition circuit or amperage drop can occur. Load testing coils and condensers is a worthwhile effort if you have access to the equipment. Placing the distributor in a Sun distributor tester will help find faults. Check to be sure points arm isn’t shorted to the pivot or plate. Not too complicated problem.....usually not being able to see or not understanding the circuit are the most common issue. Let us know how you make out.

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