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i heard the reattas and the rivieras were pretty close in relation to suspension. I have also heard that the springs for the riviera were shorter than the reattas. Does any body have information to say that this is correct, if so, how much shorter is the rivieras spring than the reattas.

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The spring isn't necessarily shorter, it may be softer. The manual shows the ride height of the Riviera is 8mm lower in the front and 7mm lower in the rear and the Riviera is approx. 150 pounds lighter to boot. My spring catalog does not list the fwd Riviera or the Reatta, although all the other fwd Buicks are listed?? Try a parts place that deals in suspension pieces and search through the catalogs. If you can find the stock spring, you should be able to search for similar ones in the same family with different spring rates or different lengths.

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