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1922 - 1958 Lincoln Dealership Showroom Poster Continental Capri Premiere +


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Offering an original 1958 Lincoln dealership showroom poster. This piece shows significant Lincoln models from 1922 until 1958, including 1922 Seven-Passenger Limousine, 1923 Five-Passenger Sedan, 1924 Four-Passenger Sedan, 1925 Five-Passenger Coupe, 1926 Limousine, 1928 Town Sedan, 1929 Seven-Passenger Touring, 1932 Town Sedan, 1933 Limousine, 1934 Seven-Passenger Limousine, 1935 Custom Limousine, 1936 Zephyr Town Limousine, 1938 Zephyr Sedan, 1939 Zephyr Sedan, 1941 Zephyr Sedan, 1942 Zephyr Sedan, 1946 Continental Coupe, 1949 Six-Passenger Coupe, 1953 Cosmopolitan, 1955 Capri, Continental Mark II, 1956 Premiere, 1957 Capri, 1958 Capri and Continental Mark III Convertible. This item was sent to dealerships and service garages by Ford as a display piece. This one, however, appears to have never been used. I don't believe that this item was offered to the general public but I am not 100% certain of this. A very rare and interesting item for any Lincoln enthusiast! This would look great framed in a showroom or garage as originally intended!


This poster measures 22" by 27" (reverse is blank, shipped as originally folded)


Condition: This item is in good condition for its age with some small tears along fold lines (common to vintage posters)


Available on eBay - Make an offer! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1922-1958-Lincoln-Dealership-Showroom-Poster-Continental-Capri-Premiere/392318997487?hash=item5b5808d3ef:g:-5QAAOSwj5BcIn4m


Thanks for your interest,


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