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1926 G70 tourer info needed.

viv w

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Hi All,
 I have remains of a Chrysler G70 tourer that I am building and have many unanswered questions.
 First thing, I got the remains about 35 years ago, as a rolling frame with motor G101***. It had 20inch Buffalo type 4HC corrugated drive wire wheels, a very rare option. The number of blades on the axle front and rear springs indicated that this was originally a touring car, but there was absolutely NO bodywork left at all.
As all the Chryslers I have seen, both in Zimbabwe and South Africa, have been Detroit built, I am assuming my rolling remains  was also probably USA built.
 In 2014, I found and bought a Canadian built touring body in pieces, from Australia. This body bears a Canadian serial number 51522, it had the dash panel still fitted inside the cowl and there has never been a FEDCO plate on this panel. The G70 instruments I bought in Hershey later that year fit the dash panel exactly. Am I right in assuming this body IS either 1925 or early 1926?
 Can anyone tell me if there are any differences between Canadian and USA built frames ?, especially the wheelbase and more specifically the placement of body mounting brackets.
  At Hershey in Oct 2014, I saw and photographed a restored USA built G70 touring. Interestingly the front seat backrest was totally different from the Canadian built one. I have bits of my original front seat comprising of the metal panel with the 3 ribs and some timber as shown in my second picture, but most of the seat frame is missing. 
 I found a guy in Finland with a Canadian built car, that appears identical to mine and he sent me some pictures of his front seat back rest. I have edited this picture and asked the guy in Finland several times for some measurements, but so far to no avail, as the weather there is too cold most of the year and the body is somewhere else having work done on it. I don't blame him, as I too would not want to be out in minus 20 celsius(about -4F).
 I am therefore appealing thru this forum, if there is anyone else with a Canadian built G70 touring that could give me some measurements of the seatback please.

   I have bits of my original front seat comprising of the metal panel with the 3 ribs and some timber as shown in my second picture, but most of the seat frame is missing. 


 I have edited below, the picture of the seat back with letters and would like to ask, if anyone can give me the following measurements please:-
Distance from:-
**A to B (seat back centre at floor to top of lower opening) BTW this opening/pocket is for storing the side curtains.
" " B to C ( From top of lower opening to top of upper opening.)
" " C to D ( From top of upper opening to top of seat)
" " E to F ( Is this the same as B to C ?)
" " F to H ( From top of upper opening to top of seat, This should be less than C to D ?)
" " I to J ( This is from bottom of opening to the door pillar)
" " K to L ( This is from top of opening to door pillar)
Also please could I ask you to put a plank or straight edge across the top of the front of the 2 centre door pillars and measure how far it is from the plank to the back of the top of the front seat, thanks.


If anyone has a Canadian body stripped for restoration, I would appreciate some pictures of the following:- (if possible with a tapemeasure shown for reference)
The wood framework of the front seat back and riser/base.
The area under the back seat base, I have a metal panel that I think goes there, but some cars on the nett have shown this as ply wood, not sure which is right.
The floor boards between front and rear seat
The floor under front seat? I have a metal tray I think goes there?
The floor boards from front seat riser to the front toeboard.
The seat springs with or without upholstery and dimensions please.


This picture below, I took in 2014 after I had sort of pieced together what I had, when my body came from Australia. I  have most of the sill/ floor frame/cowl/rear tub/door and pillar wood to copy,



Thanks in advance for any information you can give.






The USA built car at Hershey 2014 is shown below, very different. Seat back open

hershey 147.jpg


Below USA closed.

hershey 148.jpg


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