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1983 Dodge D-150 Stepside fuel tank question


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Does anyone know if the fuel tank for the '83 D-150 Stepside is being reproduced?  It is about 54" long, 12" wide and 12" tall.

Also, can anyone tell me what they are made of, and does anyone have experience with repairing a leak (crack) in these tanks?

Thank you in advance for any help.


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Dodge Brother AlanM,


My experience on 'damaged' Fuel Tanks is to contact your local 'Radiator Shop'. If you can't find an OEM Tank, this may cost less or AT the same cost as a New / Wrecking-Yard Fuel Tank.


When you find a Shop that will work on your Fuel Tank. They can take the 'damaged' tank, place it in their 'boil-out' unit, removing any dangerous / volatile vapors and 'Crud' generally found in ALL old tanks.


Then depending on Where / How Bad the 'crack' is they can solder it closed . They can also 'pressure' test the tank to insure MORE leaks aren't found.


A reputable Shop may also offer a "Sloshing Service" (My Term) where they take a commercial Fuel-Tank sealer and 'slosh' it around inside to seal any other damaged or minute leaks.


 Good luck & let me know how this all turns out,




 Power Wagon Dude



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