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  1. Dodge Brother AlanM, My experience on 'damaged' Fuel Tanks is to contact your local 'Radiator Shop'. If you can't find an OEM Tank, this may cost less or AT the same cost as a New / Wrecking-Yard Fuel Tank. When you find a Shop that will work on your Fuel Tank. They can take the 'damaged' tank, place it in their 'boil-out' unit, removing any dangerous / volatile vapors and 'Crud' generally found in ALL old tanks. Then depending on Where / How Bad the 'crack' is they can solder it closed . They can also 'pressure' test the tank to insure MORE leaks aren't found. A reputable Shop may also offer a "Sloshing Service" (My Term) where they take a commercial Fuel-Tank sealer and 'slosh' it around inside to seal any other damaged or minute leaks. Good luck & let me know how this all turns out, Keep-on-Dodgin', Power Wagon Dude
  2. Body Parts for Later Model 30's or Early 40's Pick-Up Front Clip with Cab, Fenders, incl: Chrome Grille parts - Pick-Up Bed w/sides previously made into a trailer Call for specific details. Will Thomas Jamestown, CA. Cell # (209) 588-3490
  3. "Friends" of Early Dodge Radiator Caps, For those of you who might be looking for an Early 4-Cylinder Dodge Brothers Radiator cap and have availability to a FORD Model-T Radiator Cap (one with little 'ears' on top). The OUTSIDE diameter & threading on the FORD Model-T Cap is the same as the INSIDE diameter & threading for the Early Dodge Brothers Radiator Caps. Good luck with your search, "Power Wagon Dude"
  4. "Trailer Builder" David, Well, my Wife has some relatives who live in St. Catherines, Ontario. She hasn't seen them in a LONG time. Maybe I can deliver it to you for the cost of driving to Niagara Falls? I'm open to ALL offers!! Keep-on-Dodgin' "Power Wagon Dude" in California
  5. Trailer-Builder David Et. Al, I thought I would add my 2-Cents worth with pictures and a description of our "Parade Trailer". Custom built 2" X 2" steel tubing frame with a complete Axle, Spindles, Hubs & Wheels.- All 'left-over parts' from a 1923 Touring. I had a local wheelwright completely rebuild the spokes for safety, but left them with a clear ''Natural' Finish. We found an original Budd Company, Screen Side box and added some 'drop-down' wooden seats from a 1971 Kaiser 2-1/2 ton ("Duce & a Half") Military Truck. We 'modified' a pair of Touring Car rear fenders and used big rubber grommets for mounting to Box. clear-grain Red oak with all six sides of each board having 10 Coats of Polyurethane finish and stainless steel bolts & nuts to hold everything together Even found a 1923 California, Commercial Trailer license plate for the original Dodge Brothers Tail light & mounting bracket to complete the build If the Dodge Brothers & their Automobile Body Builder, the Edward Budd Company had designed and built a trailer, this is what it might have looked like. The trailer has only about 50 Miles of very easy use and is For Sale in California and can be delivered. Questions of more information (209) 533-3663 or donncharles1@gmail.com
  6. Willy, For "All or Most" things 'Hardware, Try McMaster-Carr Supply P. O. Box 54960 Los Angeles, CA. 90054-0960 (213) 692-5911 Or just look 'em up on the Internet Keep-on-Dodgin', Power Wagon Dude
  7. "Loyal D-B'er" Tony Aus, I have several Miller Tools for Dodge Brothers Catalogs. If anyone wants a copy? Just let me know and I'll try to make '"At-Cost" copies. Best Dodgin' Brothers Regards, Power Wagon Dude Aka "Sonora Screenside"
  8. Dodge Brothers & "Others" As I was restoring our Family Heirloom 1923 Business / Commercial Car ("Screen Side"), I became interested in finding the ORIGINAL Tools that came in the Tool Kit Roll. Over a 10-year period of time, I was able to collect and mount all of the Factory furnished tools and a few that would have made owning and maintaining the early D-B's so much easier. I displayed this Tool Board at the 2017 National Meet at Fallbrook, California as well taking it to the Technical Session for comments. The only questions received were ones regarding the Q-8524 (Wrench Steering Gear Eccentric Bushing"). There were several comments addressing that another style of this wrench might also be Double-Ended with the Number "5" stamped on one side of the handle. As far as I am concerned, the "Holy Grail" of a D-B Tool collection MUST be the Q-12606 Valve Grinding Tool, as these are extremely difficult to find. My experience with the "L" designation tools were these wrenches were supplied from the Factory with the most early 1915 through 1917 Cars. The tools from the late 20's and 30's era of D-B's are somewhat nebulous as too which numbered tools were supplied from the Factory with the later Cars & Trucks. I suggest contacting The Dodge Brothers Club Store to order John Bittence's definative booklet on factory supplied D-B Tools and which vehicles they went with. I am far from being a D-B Tool expert, but I am willing to discuss D-B Tools and what they were used on with like minded folks. Keep-on-Dodgin' Donn Marinovich donncharles1@gmai.com (209) 533-3663 in California
  9. Don Jr. I know it doesn't seem critical on a 100 Year old engine - But the bushing should be ''secure' to the shaft without a lot of play. The dwell will be stable and the engine will rum much better. My '23 Screenside ran a LOT better after I changed the bushing I would look in your local phone book under '"Auto Electric" Take it to them and ask to have the brass bushing replaced. If you don't have anyone who does that work where you live. Let me know , as I have an 'Old-Guy' (who's been doing this work for 60+ years), that LOVES North East Distributors Donn (Power Wagon Dude) in California donncharles1@gmail.com
  10. Dodgin' Brother David There's plenty of guys with opinions on Dodge's and Trailers already in this thread. Here's a picture of a single axle (Dodge Brothers of course) "Parade" Trailer built in 2005, from parts left over after completion of the restoration of our 'Family Heirloom' 1923 D-B Screen Side. The original Budd Co. Box is from a '23 Screen Side (Parts Truck), the frame was custom built with 2 x 2 Steel Tubing and a standard 2" Ball-Hitch. Built with an original 1923 Front Axle, shackles, springs and wheel spindles and bearings,, mounted with re-built wooden ("Hickory") spoke wheels and new BF Goodrich tires. Original D -B fenders were 'bobbed & wire-hemmed' to eliminate the unsightly running board bracket, The fold-down Stake' sides were re-purposed from a Military 2-1/2 Ton Truck.using clear-grain Oak for the wooden seats & backs and Truck bed. This trailer is "One-of-a-Kind" and was featured in an article in the Dodge Brothers News Magazine. If anyone is restoring a 1922 - 1924 Screen Side and looking for a complete front axle w/ wheels & tires and a pick-up type box for their restoration - You may want to consider this unit. If anybody is interested, the trailer is located in Central California and is offered FOR SALE. Call for additional pictures or information. Keep-on-Dodgin' Donn Marinovich (209) 533-3663 donncharles1@gmail.com
  11. "Studebaker Folks", I have become involved with the restoration of a 1934 T-2 Studebaker Truck with a Fire Body. This truck is an Historical Artifact, having been initially purchased for use at Sequoia National Park, then used at Yosemite National Park, finally donated to California State Parks for use at Angel Island Immigration Center (See included pictures). At some earlier time the Truck was left out of doors with water in the block, the 230 CI Engine Block and Cylinder Head froze and severely cracked. Someone then removed the engine and clutch from the Truck, took it apart and left all of it in the weather to RUSt solid! The clutch was disassembled,during engine removal, so most of the clutch linkage has been lost, thus requiring a complete new clutch assembly and related parts. This truck is being restored by a private group for donation to a Fire Museum display in California. At this time I have been asked to help find a rebuilt or ''rebuildable" engine and clutch assembly. for this Truck. If anybody on this Forum, knows of an Engine and Clutch Assembly - ANYWHERE - In the US of A, Please let me know the 'approximate' condition, where it is located and the asking price. Looking forward to hearing from ANYONE with information. Best Antique Truck Regards, Donn Marinovich Columbia, California donncharles1@gmail.com
  12. E-Braker Guy, If you can't find anyone NEAR(er) that Sacramento, California to re-line that E-Brake? Call: Vince (He owns the place) AT Capitol Clutch & Brake 3100 Duluth Street West Sacramento, Calif. 95691 (800) 727-3376 They have done EVERYTHING on Brakes for my ''65 Peterbuilt 10-wheel Tractor & Trailer, a 1923 Dodge Bros. Screen Side to our 1962 DODGE W-M 300 Power Wagon They do EXCELLENT work with complete satisfaction. The 'DO' "Mail Orders" (You ship it to them - They ship it back) & take Credit Cards You can't loose using these guys ,Donn in California
  13. "Bobcopy", I see from the picture you included with your initial question, the license is a "California Horseless Carriage" plate. If you (The Car) is STILL in California and you want to list it for sale with like-minded Dodge Brothers Owners? Feel free to contact the Northern California Dodge Brothers & Sisters at: donncharles1@ gmail.com or dbbros@aol.com Include a couple of 'general' pictures and where it is currently located / stored ........ We may be able to help sell your car. Keep-on-Dodgin' "Power Wagon Dude" A Member of NCDB&S
  14. "D-B Oilers", CHEVRON Mobil puts out 1500 W "Cylinder Oil" in 5 Gal. plastic buckets / pails. Its generally available through your local Bulk Distributor - See "Petroleum Wholesalers" in Yellow Pages. The last time I bought 5 Gallons - Maybe 6 years ago - I paid around $ 90.00 + Tax - Picked-up from the Wholesalers dock. This is GOOD stuff and way less expensive than buying it in 1 Quart Cans If you are in California check-out: www.wbbreshears.com Their Main Office is located in Modesto, with sales offices all over the Central Valley. Good Luck, Power Wagon Dude
  15. Dodgin' Brother David, If you are NOT into spending 'Mucho-Bucks' for a Hub-Puller that you may use only one or twice? I would be willing to Snail-Mail the one that I have (Original from the Tool Kit Roll) if you will pay the postage from me to you and mail it back when you are finished. This very mobile "Hub-Puller has gone out to help D-B'ers in 4 States and Six California counties and has ALWAYS come back. So if you can use it & want it - Don't break the chain!! Just e-mail your Snail-Mail address and it will be on-the-way to you for your project. Keep-on-Dodgin', Donn Marinovich P. O. Box 1782 Columbia, CA. 95310-1782 donncharles1@gmail.com (209) 533-3663