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identifying my "olds:


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In the glove box, there is a sticker that states that it is a ""delta 88 royale"

There are badges on the sides of the car, that read " ninty eight"

There is a complance plate in the engine bay ..right hand side close to the windscreen, and it seems to be a "74" model.

It is pillarless, has power asststed windows, cruise contrl, electic mirrors, 15" wheels, vynal roof, twin head lights, rear "wheel tub spats",

CAn any one help...thank you Paul...

Ps...my e-mail is....pelvin@optusnet.com.au

thank you

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Well- the factory wasn't immune from goofs, and the wrong decal could have been put on the glovebox door. I think it's a case of the same decal covers all the 88/Ninety Eight models. Was this originally an Australian spec export car?

If it was converted to RHD, an 88 glovebox door could possibly have been installed during the conversion.

If the car has Ninety Eight scripts, fender skirts, and tall vertical taillights, it is a Ninety Eight.

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