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New (NOS) Parts Availability

B Jake Moran

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Taking an extreme position - if a person could 'build' a new Reatta from scratch, what would be available and what would definitely need 'restored', or used as a used part ?


I was just thinking out loud and have no agenda, just curiosity.  For instance, the way some muscle cars are supported, a person could "almost" build a car from a catalog. It might cost $75,000 but you could do it. 


I asked a couple of months ago if a person could purchase a reman (not new but close) short block.  Transmissions?  Glass? 


How about wear components such as the switches, sensors and such?

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I would think with, " 2 daughters, 2 Dachshunds, 7 chickens, 1 Peking Duck, a common snapping turtle and an alligator snapping turtle",  you wouldn't have time for such foolish thoughts.😄


Before I bought a used engine for my ragtop some months ago I priced rebuilt 3.8s.  Costs from the better local rebuilders were about $1500. for a long block


Transmissions can always be rebuilt depending on what you need; probably $500-$1000.


Windshields are still available but pricey, about $1000.  Most vendors here have the rest of the glass available.


Most switches and sensors can be rebuilt or modified.  


I think you could do it if you had a vehicle with an excellent body and frame (neither one reproducible) .  But then with an excellent body and frame you'd probably have a nice car.


I also think you could do it for a lot less than $75,000.


Thank you for your turtle awareness.  I am a retired zoo keeper (herpetologist).  Mostly into native frogs.🐸  I used to raise baby snappers when I was a kid in Queens in the '50s.🐢



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