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Unlocking Radio


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Bought Buick Century with 400 miles from a Credit Union. Had to replace battery and now I can't get the radio to work. On the face it has LOC, meaning locked.

Question...is there a default password?

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The Delco TheftLock radios will "lock" each time they are unhooked from battery power. There used to be appropriate codes for each radio model in the GM Service Manuals, but the dealer typically has to call a particular tech assistance number to get the code for the particular radio. When that code is entered, the radio will work normally again.

You can also program a code of your own choosing, but very few people do. That operation should also be covered in the appropriate GM Service Manual.

In the future, if you have to unhook the battery, you can get another battery and jumper the battery cables so power is uninterrupted to the system. A motorcycle battery might work too.

It might be a "pain" to have to go to the dealer to get the radio unlocked, but it also proves how much trouble it would be for a thief too, so things are operating as designed. You might also need to take proof of ownership of the vehicle with you should the dealership people request documentation of your ownership.



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