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value of 1941 Cadillac Durham Limousine


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I need help! My dad has a 1941 Cadillac Durham Limo. I am told the car was limited production (75?) and there are less than 20 left?

Car is in very good shape. Less than 70K original miles. New white landau top, new apholstery, new paint. New running board rubber. Good chrome. Repainted about 5 years ago, still black. Interior of cab is all original except the steering wheel which was replaced to factory specs, and leather seat which was reupholstered. Rear interior reupholstered to match original. Privacy window works, no cracks. Original jump seats still work. Only item missing in rear compartment is 1 window moulding (left passenger, I believe).

Car starts and runs great. I was able to confirm the "original miles" when the brakes were replaced at 65K miles. The mechanic explained that in 1942 the bonding process for the brakes changed and that the car had the original brake shoes with the old bonding process. Big whitewall tires, lots of brass elements that was specific to this model limousine.

My dad has put about $10K restoration & maintenance into the car but is almost 70 and has great difficulty driving the car now. My brother drives it a couple of times a month just to keep it running.

If anyone can help me, the car is in Rio Rancho, just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico. If I need to provide more info, email me at either (or both) of the email addresses below and I will get what ever info I can.

Thanks in advance for any advise, pointers, etc.

Victor Lioce

1088 Sunshine Way

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

505.471.0786 (home)

505.913.0558 (cell)



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Gee...I wasn't looking to sell, rather assistance in determining a probable value of the car. My dad is getting up in years, and has had several heart attacks. We need to know approximately what the value of the car would be for estate planning purposes. Thats why I was asking for assistance and not for buyers! shocked.gif

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Its tough to get a comparable value on a limited production vehicle like your dad's. Try Hemmings Motor News www.hmn.com and look in the Caddy section for folks that specialize in that marque and call some of them for advice. Also www.nadaguides.com lists a 1941 7 passenger Model 67 with a wholesale of $13,000 and Retail of $25,000 but I don't know the similarity or difference between that model and the "Durham" model. Was the body delivered by GM with the car or was it converted by a limo body company? It sounds pretty rare - maybe a professional appraisal is in order to make sure you have the correct amount of insurance on the vehicle.

Hope this gets you started laugh.gif

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