For Sale- Delco Remy 943 J Generator, Restored

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I am selling a Delco Remy 943 J Generator, restored about 2 years ago.  Adjustable functioning third brush, new wiring, new oil fill caps, new bearings and original ID tag, all as original.  Works great, has maybe 200 miles on it.  Comes with pulley and cut-out switch mounting screws as well.  I do not know if this is the original pulley, but probably is.  Is correct for 1929 -1933 Chevy 6 cyl., 1934-1935 Studebaker,  1929 GMC T11-T19,  1930-1932 GMC T11-T15- T19, 1934-1935 GMC T16 T18 T23 and  1929 -1931 Pontiac 6 cyl.  Also can be used as a replacement for similar generator models, such as the 943 R and S, and maybe other models.  Please check your parts interchange guides.  Asking $200 + shipping costs via FedEx.  Far cheaper than buying a core and having it rebuilt professionally.  PM Chris if interested.





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