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Delco-Remy starter issue.Help needed.

Veiko Jansen

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After the bolt was broken and replaced, I found a piece of tin in the clutch housing. Where is this going? But for now, the starter has no draft. Just going around. Is there anything else missing from the picture? What to do? I'm in europe and no one has seen such a starter here.

Car is Franklin Airman 130 model.

I am grateful for any advice.
Thanks in advance.



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The pictures I have included came from a November 13, 2016 posting by DonWebb, I hope he doesn't mind me using his pictures. The clip you found in the clutch housing is one of two used as shown in Don's pictures. The bolt you replaced is supposed to be a special 5/16" bolt with an extra 1/4" end on it that protrudes into a recess in the starter shaft and it also requires a woodruff key. I doubt you have the key or the right bolt since you say the starter is just going around. All of these parts can be seen and/or ordered from "Snyder's Antique Auto Parts" www.snydersantiqueauto.com 

Starter Drive Bolts/washers set   T-5026

Starter Drive Key  T-5050

Spring Clips  A-11384  (this is what you found in the clutch housing)

Starter Spring A-11375 (Bendix spring) 


Hope this helps


bendix 1.jpg

Bendix 2.jpg

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Thank you for your prompt and thorough reply. After a long night of thinking and thinking, I discovered that I was using a PTFE grease on the shaft that did not allow the centrifugal force to pinch the gear. After washing and using another oil I got the starter working immediately.



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