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  1. I was there in 47, maybe I saw that car. Of course my memory is a little foggy. I was only 3 years old at the time. We lived in Boston. Bill
  2. Yes, and none of that nasty antifreeze was spilled.
  3. Franklin getting down to business, or who put that hole there?
  4. Seaford, Delaware's first car dealership started in 1917 by Tillie Byron (in white shirt)
  5. Our Franklins were right in heyday of pocket watches. So, naturally we need a watch fob. This one is about 2" across. I think the factory also produced them in silver plate. Bill
  6. Paul, On page 6 of the series 15 parts manual the company lists the telegraph code for the "153 DeLuxe Town Sedan". Of course we know that just because something is listed in the parts book doesn't make it so and there is no other reference to one. It may have been wishfull thinking that sales would rebound and the depression would magically end. Who knows! Bill
  7. Reply to Bob & Olympic33. Looks like by the window and conduits on the wall that the 08 and Olympic were in the approximate same place in the garage. Of course a new door was added. and a few years past by.
  8. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But, Franklins were neat to raise hell in also. This picture was taken on a maze of dirt roads near the Nanticoke river in 1973. I had just brought it to Delaware from Beaver Falls, PA. I met George Boyer shortly after that and he let me use his green Olympic. I never told him how I treated my Franklin.
  9. What I found most interesting is the cowl lights..................what cowl lights? I thought all 153's came with cowl lights. Of course Frank installed a pair.
  10. Walt, this isn't a period photo back in the day, if were talking 1930's. But it does show a still working Franklin in the 1960's. Don't ya just love those headlights? This is the 1931 153 Club Sedan that Frank Hantak restored, before he got it. My car now. Bill
  11. WOW! What a load of pure unadulterated BS. I asked a simple question because in my 75 years I’ve owned over sixty cars/trucks from every decade from the 1920’s to the present and with the exception of some late model automatics (which don’t count) I’ve only had one with overdrive. I ended up with all your answers that had absolutely nothing to do with the question. I got my intelligent answer elsewhere. I’ll never visit this forum again. Mark Twain once said: “It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” Well Gentlemen, you have removed all doubt. Ha
  12. When towing a car that has a manual transmission with a Borg Warner overdrive. Should the overdrive control be push in (freewheeling mode) or pulled out (Overdrive totally disengaged)?
  13. I have a manual transmission with a Borg-Warner overdrive. When towing this vehicle with wheels down, should I have the overdrive control pushed in (freewheeling) or pulled in manual mode?
  14. I've seen several similar clutch disc's on tractors. Do like Paul says and put it on "What is it" forum or advertise it on eBay as "vintage clutch disc" with all its dimensions. Don't throw it away, it may be someones absolute need! Bill
  15. Paul.....................................That DEPENDS!
  16. Wrong........While Brian did retire, Tim took over the restoration business. The parts department is up and running fine and is going to continue......and has recently added new items. Tim is a young guy, so I expect that it will continue for years to come. I have done business with Brian for decades, and have gotten to know Tim quite well........he is a first rate guy and very talented. I can't recommend him enough. Just google straight eight for the new web site selling the parts. Endinmass, If that is correct, That's great news. I hope your right. Thanks Bill
  17. A note on my previous post. Classic & Exotic Service, Inc. is going out of business and they are selling off all their stock. If your interested in any of their items, especially the Franklin items, you need to act now. Bill
  18. Classic & Exotic Service, Inc. Has the correct gauge casting for the Franklin Oil & gas King Seeley gauges. They also have the correct red liquid for the gas gauge and the green liquid for the oil gauge. They aren't inexpensive but they are correct copies. Their info is below. Bill Classic & Exotic Service, Inc. 2032 Heide, Troy MI 48084 USA Phone: E-mail: Parts@classicandexotic.com WWW: http://www.classicandexotic.com
  19. Try looking at Franklin Drawings 52435 & 54643
  20. Don't be cute Dick. You know the Midget I was talking about. Certainly not a King Midget with a Wisconsin engine!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. I think I'd like to have the midget in the picture
  22. Good Idea, https://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/ has them.
  23. This is an unrestored 1930, 145 sedan. As you can see it is the same as the 1931, 151 sedan except for the seat upholstery design.
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