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speedometer noise


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just got my 39 LZ coupe on the road after long storage (thanks to the forum for the earlier tips).  runs and drives well, but the speedometer is clicking at about 20 mph.  i'm pretty sure it's the cable but with a columbia rear end it looks like the cable is 'sealed' from the columbia control unit on the firewall.  I'm guessing i need to access the back of the speedo and lube it with graphite oil, but wanted to check if there are any pro tips or if i'm missing something here.  

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Click is probable in speedo. I would start by  unscrewing  cable at outlet side of Columbia change/over unit on firewall. Drive it, If  click is still  there, lube input cable and unit. Drive it.  Lube and  reconnect outlet  cable, Drive, if click is back or still there disconnect cable at back speedo. Drive. You could raise back wheels  to do all this test driving.  Careful!

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