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cracked windshield

Guest Gomer

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Driving the other day with the heat on full (Winnipeg, go figure) and the person I was driving with noticed a 1/2-inch long crack in the windshield on the passenger side. We stopped and checked it out. It seemed to only on the out side pane of glass. The inside didn't have the crack on it. So we continue on. No more than 2 minuets go by (with the heat still on high) and I have a crack all the way from one side to the other. (Censored) it seems to only have the feel of a crack on the outside and not on the inside. My dad thinks it is caused by high heat on the inside and really cold, and I mean cold, on the outside. Also the fact that the glass is the original. I?m wondering if anyone else has hade this happen and what I can do to fix it and maybe stop it from doing this again confused.gif

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Guest joereatta

Had that happen to my Jeep. Ice on the windshield,I let it warm up using defroster to melt the ice. By the time I got to work, noticed a small crack. That soon grew into a top to bottom crack. Needed to replace windshield. Suspect same will happen to you.

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