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Trunk Setup for a 1932 Buick Model 50

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I have a 1932 Buick Model 50 that just arrived, and I think there is an issue with the lack of trunk rack (this was my Dad's car).    My nephew was using the car for a while, and it was shipped to me last night.   The trunk was removed for shipping.    The trunk is attached to the car with one bolt on each side.   The back of the trunk sits on the gas cap.  Is this correct?  It seems to me that some parts are missing or that there should be a trunk rack like we have on my Dad's 1932 Model 90).   I've attached a picture of the trunk arrangement.   The car is dusty, but it wasn't store correctly (and there are dings on the trunk).   Ten years ago, they removed the trunk while filming a movie and I wonder if they forgot to put some hardware back on when they put the trunk back.


I did look at older pictures of the car and there was no trunk rack or additional hardware on the back in those photos.   


If additional hardware is needed or it needs a trunk rack, where would I find the parts?   Thanks.


Additional:  While typing this message, I found a picture of the car during the movie filming and there is no trunk rack or additional hardware.  The picture of the car with the white trunk is the movie picture. 


Buick Model 50 01.jpg

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