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  1. I am trying to find a part for a 1932 Buick Model 50 with a Straight 8. The part is a hub that holds the fan blade in place. It is loose and rattling. Thanks.
  2. I need to replace the that holds the fan blade in place on a 1932 Buick Model 50 with a Straight 8. I can't find the part, but frankly I am not sure what the part is called so that may be the issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have a 32 Buick Model 50 with a straight 8. I was driving the car home when all of a sudden there was a loud racket under the hood and the motor seemed to be pulling harder (and it died). I cranked it back up, no noise. I went out to start it the other day and it idled fine, then the racket starts up again. It sounds like the cooling fan is hitting the radiator but I couldn't find any radiator damage or signs of contact. The shaft for a pulley is tight when I handle it, but I can move the pulley. Would these be indicative of a water pump issue, or is this too little information?
  4. Obviously, I'm missing some hardware and there is a trunk rack that is tightly affixed to the trunk.
  5. I have a 1932 Buick Model 50 that just arrived, and I think there is an issue with the lack of trunk rack (this was my Dad's car). My nephew was using the car for a while, and it was shipped to me last night. The trunk was removed for shipping. The trunk is attached to the car with one bolt on each side. The back of the trunk sits on the gas cap. Is this correct? It seems to me that some parts are missing or that there should be a trunk rack like we have on my Dad's 1932 Model 90). I've attached a picture of the trunk arrangement. The car is dusty, but it wasn't store correctly (and there are dings on the trunk). Ten years ago, they removed the trunk while filming a movie and I wonder if they forgot to put some hardware back on when they put the trunk back. I did look at older pictures of the car and there was no trunk rack or additional hardware on the back in those photos. If additional hardware is needed or it needs a trunk rack, where would I find the parts? Thanks. Additional: While typing this message, I found a picture of the car during the movie filming and there is no trunk rack or additional hardware. The picture of the car with the white trunk is the movie picture.
  6. I am looking for a steering gearbox for a 1932 Buick model 91 - either a complete gearbox or a rebuilding kit. Any sources or suggestions would be appreciated, as we have not had any luck so far. Thanks,
  7. We have a 1932 Buick Model 90 that shimmies at speeds over 45 miles an hour or, on occasion, when the road is rough. New tires have been put on and balanced, and the king pins have been replaced. The king pin replacement lowered the frequency of the shimmy but has not diminished the intensity of it (when it occurs, you almost have to stop the car before it stops). The steering gear has been tightened Any suggestions on where to go next would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. My 88 year old dad just finished a restoration of a 1939 Buick Century Series 60 but needs a couple of items: a robe rack that goes on the back of the front seat and a foot rest for the back floor (if these are items that would have been in the car originally). If you have a photo of these items, I would appreciate it. If you know where these can be obtained, I would also appreciate it. Thank you, Bryce Denny
  9. Thanks for all the good information.
  10. I would appreciate any information on where I can find a hood ornament for a 1939 Buick. I found a site that had reproduction 1938 and 1940 hood ornaments, but not for 1939. Also, I am looking for a source of the metal reflector that goes behind the headlight in a 1939 Buick. Thank you, Bryce Denny
  11. We acquired a reproduction horn ring but would still be interested in obtaining an original. Please email me when you decide what price you want for the horn ring Bryce
  12. Based on this photograph, there is a gap. My dad and I were talking about this issue on the phone when I saw your inquiry. Yesterday, I was ebaying a 1939 steering wheel while he was working on one via the telephone -- we were working on the same one! It is a small world. Bryce Denny
  13. NTX, thanks for all the great information. I'm lucky in that the top still works fine. However, the switch and/or relay apparently has a short that drains the battery. So, I have to pull the relay to avoid running down the battery. I can still put the relay back in and pop the top up. Thanks again, Bryce
  14. I'm trying to locate a convertible top switch for a 1969 Chrysler 300. Any information would be appreciated. Also, I am trying to locate a wiring diagram for the car. I've found one but it does not include the convertible top wiring. Thanks Bryce Denny
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