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Owner's Instruction Book

Owners's Instruction Book

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I have purchased two such manuals via eBay. Condition of each was used, not perfect. Paid $25-30 each.


Franklin Club members have free access to pdf's of several Series 9B documents. They can also purchase reproduction of the following manuals:

  • Parts Catalog for Series 9. 310 pages. $56
  • Instruction Book (early Series 9-A, dated 1917). 30 pages. $18
  • Manual for Trouble Shooters (Series 9A - 10B). 100 pages. $27
  • Instruction Book (Series 9-AB, dated 1924). 144 pages. $29

The value in your instruction book lies in its originality and condition. It's worth more than the reproductions, but not a whole lot more.  


Hope this helps.

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