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1979 d-100 wiring


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I have a 79 d-100 that came as a radio and lighter delete. I want to add a cigarette lighter/ power outlet but I don't know what wires to add the lighter to. It has the old style tube type fuses under a panel in the glove box area that I could probably start at if I only had a brain! LOL! This is a 225 slant 6 3 on the tree that just turned 33k original miles. Kinda dented here and there from the old guy that bought it new in R.I. to haul winter wood in but all original! just added a free from craigslist camper shell and bed kit. 

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

ps- I'm a 63 yo disabled vet that has limited mobility so crawling under the dash will be a challenge but one I am willing to do to save the $120.00 the electrician  quoted!

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