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master cylinder question plze help asap


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my 65 buick electra 225 needs a new master cylinder, i am having a hard time find a rebuilt kit or a rebuilt unit. since i live in canada there is not much for me here as parts.

my question is can i swap an impalla master into mine. or is there any swap sites that i can go see. all the help is much appreciated.

asap plese thank


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There is a certain relationship between the piston bore size in the master cylinder and the wheel cylinders that must be maintained for things to work right. Therefore, find out what size the master cylinder piston size is in your car (from a GM factory service manual for that particular year and model of car) and go from there. That will be the first step in making sure you don't put something on there that will deteriorate the designed braking performance due to a mis-match situation. It's all about fluid displacement and hydraulic leverage.

I suspect there are some larger auto supplies up there somewhere that can get you what you need or at least have a catalog to order from. None of those things will probably be in stock, but could be shipped in. There also is a website for NAPA Auto Parts that you might be able to use to order parts from. There might also be some items on other auto parts websites, but NAPA is also a mortar and brick entity instead of just a website to order from. All the local auto supplies and mass market chain stores will have is what they sell the most of, understandably, so just because they don't have what you need for your '60s Buick should not discourage you in the least. Check out the NAPA situation and see what you can find. A good credit card will help too if you need to buy things online.


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