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I'm sorry also that there are not more 'helpers' forthcoming, BUT,

did it ever occur that some of the parts Larry is looking for are quite

rare and obscure and not likely to be that readily available, rather

than blaming people for not wanting to help?

Rodger "Dodger"

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I have to agree with Roger. I have been looking for parts for a Moon for years. Just because I haven't found any doesn't mean that no one is willing to help. On the other hand I have recently purchased a 1923 Dodge and have been able to purchase more parts in three months for it then for the Moon in ten years. That is the amazing thing about this hobby, there are people who truly do want to help. By the way Larry, do you belong to the Dodge Club. Best move I made when I purchased the car.


Jan <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/blush.gif" alt="" />

P.S. There are head lights currently on ebay

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Hey! I have no complaints. I realize that early sedan parts are rare and I may have to manufacture some parts that I need. But I still look and hope. Since I posted this original inquiry, I have aquired components to assemble 3 complete headlights, and a hood and extra side panels. I have found everyone very helpful and generous. Collector car people, as a whole, are great people - not a better bunch to be around! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif" alt="" /> Larry - wattslm@juno.com

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