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  1. Ed: It sounds like a depot hack which would have been a dodge frame with an aftermarket body probaby made by Cantrell or Martin Perry. See if you can find a body tag on it. Dodge made a screen side pickup but never a stock depot hack. Because it is aftermarket it is rarer and their are even clubs dedicated to the body manufacture. Dodges do not bring the same price as Model A. Fully restored the truck is worth between 10,000 and 15,000. It is a nice body style to have. Do you have pictures?
  2. The first problem is that it was not aluminum but a zinc material which is softer. I might have a spare on a set of floor boards and I will check this evening to see what I have. Have a nice day. Jan
  3. I used model a snaps on my moon.
  4. Paul: I would not put the fuel filter next to the carb. I would put it on the inlet side of the vac tank which is the suction side going to the fuel tank. Have a nice day
  5. Dave: Thank you the link arrived. I am going to bead blast it tonight and install this weekend.
  6. Gentleman: Thanks for the offers. Dave I sent you a PM. Have a nice day
  7. AJ: I would not worry about wearing out the tires as we get a lot of mileage on them. I have some cars with twenty years of service on them. My tires usualy dry rot before they wear out. I would get wheel dollys and paint them flat black and no one will notice them. I am sure your could make a subframe out of square tubing with castors om them and set the T on them. Hope this helps.
  8. The former owner used bailing wire to replace it. Original but not real safe. Thanks
  9. I am need of a service brake link for a 1923 screenside. This connects to the rod on the rear end and activates the outside brake. It has two removable clevis pins. One at each end. Thanks
  10. Let me throw my two cents into the discussion. I belong to the AACA, HCCA, MTCA, Model T International, Dodge Club and the Durant Club. I am a technical editor for the Durant club. I respond to questions on the AACA website, Dodge Forum, Model T forum, and Durant site. I do multiple sites because there are many common questions. It takes more time to write the article in the Durant Standard then answer questions on the forums and I get excellent ideas from the forum for my column. Writting a column does take a lot of time and creativity but to me it is worth it. Don't judge a club by its technical editors but the whole package. I think the Dodge techincal editors are top notch and will answer any question you have if you ask them. Have a nice evening.
  11. That work is being done on my back porch. If it were the living room I would have to have the beer in a beer mug.
  12. The only thing that ever breaks on a Model t are parts made by Dodge.
  13. Mike: Make sure your spare has air and your gas tank is full. Flush your cooling system to make sure you are clean and refill with a good coolant mix. Do an oil change and take a spare quart with you. Make sure your points are filed and your plugs are clean and gapped properly. Check your tire pressure. Check the grease level in the rear end and grease all grease fittings. Make sure you have a good set of basic tools under the seat and a roll of electrical tape and some wire ties along with rags. If you have a fuse block make sure you have extra fuses. You should have a fire exten. and a good cell phone. Take pleny of sun screen and a six pack and have fun.
  14. Thanks Dave. That was easy. Here is a wheel ready to install. Ignore the pieces of paper which have yet to be removed.
  15. Does someone have a FTP site that I could upload to. Why is this the only site which you have to upload to an FTP site. Thanks
  16. The bolts are not 7/16 but 3/8 - 16 by 2.5 inches. The part number is 22557. My local branch phone number is 859-689-0555. Have a nice day
  17. I will get you a part number. The bolts are 7/16 which are hard to get, make sure you get nuts at the same time. I believe I order 2 1/2 inches but will check. Here is a pictue of the finished product if I can figure out how to do it. Were are the instructions on posting an attachment?
  18. One of the items which are not reproduced for the Early Dodge are the Boss Bolts which hold the drums on. Most of the originals are ruined when they are removed. The heads on the bolts are much larger then a normal carriage bolt and they have fluted shafts. I was ready to turn up some new bolts until I found a source for step bolts. Step bolts have a much larger head then standard carriage bolts and are relatively flat. The source I found is fastenal. Because they had the hardness mark on top I chuck them in a drill and with the drill on I use a small file to eliminate the raised numbers. I then grind the tanngs off the underside of the head so they will not split the spoke. If you want to make the head smaller you can use the file to grind down the head while the bolt is chucked in the drill. When you install use lock tite to lock the nuts. I will attach pictures as soon as I ge my camera back. Have a nice day.
  19. All valid points but the most important one is what Harry says. Heat warps metal and you will never be able to get it right if there is warpage. You can use qwik Poly and it will strength areas and the west system is great but I think you need to take it apart. Even if you take measurements you are measuring it after the fire and the metal has already warped. Since you can not screw supports into the metal and wood I would pop rivet conduit as supports and remove the damaged wood. You can then realign the metal and wood frame. I have made complete frames out of styrofoam to see what the frame looks like and gottem dimensions then started from scratch. It can be done but it is a job.
  20. Shawn: It is just pressed on. Yours are probably rusted on. Once the bolts have been removed take a soft brass punch and on the drum side put the punch in the holes and tapp them in a circular manner. The drum will eventually break loose. Have a nice day.
  21. When I purchased by 23 screenside the vac tank would not draw gas. Turns out the line going into the tank had pin holes in it where it sat in the gas at a half full level. There were pin holes at the same level on the tank ends caused by all the condensation building up and allowing rust to form. It must have had several quarts of water in it at one time to rust where it did.
  22. Wash the reflector with a mild dishwashing soap before you polish it. It there is any grit it will scratch the surface and will leave a permanent mark.
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