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Very pretty '41 Sedan Delivery...but questions?

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First of all, I'm not going to buy this car, though I truly wish I could afford it. I'm just curious about it.




I've always thought of "sedan delivery" as meaning a typical passenger car configuration using a paneled cargo body (while "panel truck" means a truck configuration  - pick up or larger, with term "panel delivery" often being more specifically used to describe a pickup truck size vehicle with a paneled cargo body.).


With that in mind, why does the '41 Sedan Delivery in this ebay ad not look like a 1941 Ford passenger car in the front end? It doesn't appear to be a pickup truck based vehicle (to my inexperienced eye.) To me it looks like they went back the '39 Deluxe front end...which is extremely cool, no doubt. At first I thought either the ad was wrong or maybe the vehicle was pieced together from different years, but when I googled images of "1941 Ford sedan delivery" they all looked pretty much like this car.


Wow...I'd like to have this, but I can't afford it. :) Some of you rich guys better jump on it. ;)

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I don't have a lot of information on the 41 Sedan Delivery, but the grill is similar to the 1940 and 1941 truck grill, which is similar to the 1940 Ford (not the Deluxe) grill. The sides should be painted body color, not chrome plated, only the center was plated. I believe that the headlight doors were also painted on all commercial vehicles, but I do not have a good source to verify this.


Other than the claim that this is a Concourse Restoration (it is what I would call a nice build, as it was done to owner's taste, not to original specs), it is a very nice build. It would have a hard time getting a second place trophy on the Early Ford V-8 Club Concourse, and I believe the same would be true for the AACA Concourse.

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