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Supplier for bushings???


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Where can I find bushings for my sunvisors? Its a 71 Riviera. I found some in the junk yard, but they are all wasted. I noticed a few different styles, and mine was unlike any of them. But the upholstry guy noticed that I had a non stock screw in the sunvisor so may its been changed. My old ones look like aluminum sleeves instead of plastic.

Thanks in advance


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Seems like Ames Performance Engineering (Pontiac supplier) has the plastic sunvisor bushings, but I don't know about metal ones. If the screw had been changed, it's possible someone monkeyed with it and put a metal sleeve in it trying to get it to stay up. I remember my 73 Olds ragtop was terrible about dropping the visor down in your face unexpectedly. It would feel tight, but would all of a sudden drop.

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