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Free mid-'50s Packard parts - Atlanta area

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A friend made me aware of an older gentleman in the Atlanta area who is moving to Alabama with his daughters soon. I am told he drove a '52 Packard and a '56 Packard until he stopped driving. The man is 92 and deaf and his daughters are working to clean out the basement of their older house in an older section of Atlanta, which has some quantity of Packard parts that he's accumulated over the years. She mentioned an AC unit and a bumper, but the ladies really don't know what's there and they're still working on digging the stuff out, some of which is too heavy for them to move.

They're willing to give these parts for free to anyone who is willing to come get them.


If there's anyone who wants to pursue this contact, please PM me, email me at, or call me at (404) 610-4524 and I'll pass along the contact info.

All I ask is that only those with serious intent and interest pursue this lead. This gentlemen's two daughters have enough on their plate that they don't need to be dealing with time-wasters or tire kickers. It's perhaps also worth mentioning that one of the daughters for a number of years worked in law enforcement.

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