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How many Packard Dealerships in your area


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Guest Randy_G

Just a note for anyone that wants to take the info off my site to put on Kev's so that I can save server space I will be deleteing that page in the next few days. No need for two Packard Dealer pages. Thanks for visiting my site.

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Do you still live in McKeesport? I grew up in Glassport and vaguely remember J.P. Mooney in McKeesport--what did they sell after Packards? Is J.P. Mooney still in business?

I do not remember the Niklas Brothers in Clairton--do you know when they closed.

It has been years since I have been to McKeesport--last time I was there I walked trough the ruins of the Tube Mill which had Echostar in the front office.

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Guest Randy Berger

Bill, I live in Irwin now, but still go through McKeesport occasionally. My mother lived on Atcheson St. on top of Versailles Ave. hill a block away from Craig's funeral home. I worked at National Tube for a short while.

J.P. Mooney was on the corner of Huey and Fifth Ave. for a long time and then they moved to a brand-new facility in East End on Fifth Ave at the foot of Hartman St. That was around 1951 or 52. That's when we bought a 1952 Mayfair from them.

Mooney moved to White Oak and sold VWs for a while but they are out of business now.

I used to go to dances at the American Legion in Glassport. Great place to pick up chicks.

Do you remember the car dealer next door to the Fifth Ave hotel in Glassport? They had several Hudsons stored on the second floor and some idiot tore down the wooden ramp they used to drive up and down and they had to move the cars down via a large fork lift. The Hudsons were up there through the late sixties.

My brothers-in-law worked at the foundry in Glassport. It used to be run by Bucyrus-Erie.

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Guest Albert

My 54 Panama was from mckeesport pa from that dealership as well, had a hart shaped logo on the trunk..have a pic around here somewhere of it, but had to remove it whe i was stripping the paint off the trunk, the Panama was parked in 1969, so its been off the road for a while, but i have it running, just doing the body work now, and finding some other body work tah was done befor i was even thinking of driving.. some even has lead in it for repairs, whic i have now melted out to repait the rust that was hiding under it.

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