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Remember the 60's


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I was looking through my old photographs the other day and came across two old photos taken back in 1965 of my surfing trip to Mexico with two friends in my 1946 Ford woodie. The first picture was taken of me brushing my teeth in the morning after spending the night in Rosarito beach.  The second photo was taken with the hood up on a desolate Mexican road after experiencing a puff of smoke under the dash when we went over a hill. No problems were discovered and we traveled on without further problems.  With no inside storage and working nights at Douglas Aircraft Long Beach without a car heater, I sold my woodie to a neighborhood kid for $250 and bought a new Volkswagen bug.  I would have loved to still have everyone of my past woodie wagons including the first one that I paid $5 dollars for before I was old enough to get a drivers license, it was a1949 Ford with the wood still intact.



Seal Beach Jetty 1963.jpg

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