Corvette SS show car that disappeared after briefly being shown by GM

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I am a historian. Certain cars stick in the back of my mind as I wonder what's happened to them. Among them is this Corvette. Several years ago I corresponded with someone who bought his '56 or '57 Corvette show car, double racing windscreens, white body , center blue stripe, stainless steel concave, but as I remember there was a dispute over who owned it. The first guy that bought it from GM let his son drive it and the kid smashed it bad. The second guy that bought it rebuilt the wreck and sent me tantalizing pictures of it somewhere restored but t wasn't showing it because there is still a dispute over who owns it. Has this been resolved? has the car shown up at any events all restored? I don't want to buy it I'm just a historian picking up an old old trail.  Thanks for any news. if anybody wants to communicate privately off the record  I am at Photojournalistpro2@gmail.com


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