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Passenger Door Will Not Open

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One of my TC's has the following symptoms: the door lock actuator on the passenger door works with either the switch in the driver or passenger door; the lock/unlock button on the door moves slightly; the button cannot be moved manually to the full lock or unlock position; both door switches works the passenger window up and down; both the interior and exterior door levers move slightly but not enough to engage the door lock; and finally the key will not move in the door’s lock.

 With the window in the down position I have put a shot of WD-40 in the area of the exterior door handle and the interior area in the same area of the door and that did not help.  I have also tried the 'slim Jim' solution to unlocking the door and that did not work. 

Any ideas?

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Let me take a stab. The actuator rods have burlap sheaths on them that are supposed to act as both rattle prevention and as a type of "sleeve". Over time that stuff degrades and bunches up. I'm thinking that some of that stuff is preventing the mechanism from moving freely. The electric actuator actually moves a different lever on the latch.


Unfortunately even with the window down you can't really see in there, so the best bet is to take the door panel off and mess around with it that way.

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