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A/C clutch noisy


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Thought I'd ask here 1st. however this site is great and the people are really friendly.

http://www.aircondition.com/wwwboard/index.htm Nothing but air!

My clutch is almost as noisy disengaged as engaged?

While I'm asking. My 91 doesn't shift to high until 47mph( followed directions in FSM to test), think FSM says 46 but it is, for lack of a better word, draggy. Wish it shifted about 43/44?

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91 the shift to high, about 46 mph. Depending on terrain and manner of acceleration, 2200 RPM( if on level and accelerate very slowly) 2600 RPM ( level and just a little gas/acceleration)

Probably several 100 more RPM than 88?

How difficult to replace clutch ( I assume the bearing is included? Buy separate?)

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I asked at A/C site


Could be just the clutch..Or the compressor going.. But pressures would help us help you..My guess is the clutch pully bearing, and it will only get worse until it heats the shaft seal and blows it. Also, if the pully bearing is bad, it could damage the "nose" of the compressor making changing the clutch useless..Have it checked, or contact Tim at Info@ackits.com for a price on a clutch assembly..But do something before you do need a compressor...Hope this helps..

Anyone disagree?

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