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Replace Infinity radio...Speakers?

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I am new to TC's, so I have a radio question.

I am considering replacing the original infinity radio.

Since the infinity ha s amplified speakers, con I replace the original speakers and then use only 2 of the or5iginal connector wires.

(I will check the service manual to see which wires to use.)

Does anyone have experience doing this?

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  • HI there... this is the site I used with success to install my new speakers.... good luck!
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  TexasLowell said:
It looks like I am going to have to replace some of my speakers. Specifically I want to replace the 2 speakers mounted in the spare tire area behind the back seat. I can't find exact replacement speakers and want to use off the shelf speakers if possible. First, can I put a regular 2 wire speaker in that area? If so, can someone tell me the function of the 4 wires that go to the connection block for the speakers. I am wondering if I can splice from the 4 wires to a 2 wire speaker. If so what wire does what?

Yes you can splice in two wire speakers for sound, Green is audio +, Black is audio -, red is +12 amp power, grey is amp neg if you want to add a rear amp to power your new rear speakers. You can also try a u-pull yard for factory original speakers, the top end mini vans came with infinity sound into the late 90's very early 2000 and the dash speakers are the same as the TC rear.

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