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A/C compressor not pulling in

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Hi all,

1991 tc 3.0 liter

  I have code 33 showing-a/c relay short or open.I tried anothe relay with same connections (85,86 30 87) still not working So I have tested the voltages and grey wire  has 12v all the time,dark blue has12v after  ignition is switced on .Short between gray and dark blue/black compresser clutch engages.with a/c switched onTest between blue orange and dark blue shows 12v but then almost immediately loses earth signal on the blue orange wire from ecu.Any ideas what can cause this?Any help would be much appreciated.

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I *think* this is the sensor that's inside the HVAC box used to determine the temperature of the evaporator core to prevent it from icing up. It's a thin, straight piece of metal just kinda shoved in the fins of the evaporator. I *think*. These weren't part of the earlier A/C systems, I think they were introduced in late 89 or 90.

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