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  1. I am trying to trace the reason that the air con is not working on a 1991 3.0 tc by maserati ,it is gassed up ,the biggest problem is that all the wiring diagrams that I have found do not coincide with the wiring colours that are on the car.for instance-the high pressure switch has a blue/white and a black wire to it whereas the diagram shows bnn/lt green and bnn /lt blue also shows it in series with the low pressure switch and a/c ambient temp switch but the wires from the high pressure switch go to earth and to the trigger of the rad fan relay. could anyone throw some light on this any
  2. Hi again, where would the ambient temp switch be located?
  3. Would any body have the pin out data for the engine control module which also controls the a/c from what little information I can see from autozone diagrams.Also the rad fan is running all the time
  4. Hi all, 1991 tc 3.0 liter I have code 33 showing-a/c relay short or open.I tried anothe relay with same connections (85,86 30 87) still not working So I have tested the voltages and grey wire has 12v all the time,dark blue has12v after ignition is switced on .Short between gray and dark blue/black compresser clutch engages.with a/c switched onTest between blue orange and dark blue shows 12v but then almost immediately loses earth signal on the blue orange wire from ecu.Any ideas what can cause this?Any help would be much appreciated.
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