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Headlight and Antenna repair

Barney Eaton

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Just a reminder to those getting their Reatta out of winter storage........If you headlight will not open or are "winking" at you I have Headlight repair kits for $40 including shipping.

If you check Ebay,   there is a seller with repair kits from California for 87.10 each including shipping.   These appear to be the same as East Coast Reatta sells.....check their online price.

PS....mine have a lifetime warranty.

Power antenna not working.......I can fix it,  $60 plus $15 shipping get it running like new and it will have a steel cord that should never fail.  If your chrome mast is broken, there is an extra $20 for a good used chrome mast.

If you have any questions on these and other Reatta issues........call or send a message and I will try and help.


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