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Heater Core Interchange


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I need a new heater core for my '63 Le Sabre and I'm having some trouble locating one. I want to go with a new one and avoid patching or recoring.

I've managed to locate a source for the heater core in a '64.

Does anyone out there have a parts interchange book for 63/64 ... and could you tell me if the heater cores are the same ?

My Le Sabre has a 401 and I know that the 64 Le Sabre has a 300. The Wildcat/Electra225 for 64 have the 401 though. Can I interchange with them ??

My Car is 2bbl w/no AC.

Thanks for your help !!


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Ira, I think the core you need fits all 63 full size cars with no/ac. I think the 64s are different. If your core is fixable and done properly it should be ok. Larry

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