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Marmon flathead 8 Engine Seattle WA craigslist

Oregon Desert model 45

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Marmon 8 Engine - $300 (Friday Harbor)


Marmon Flathead Straight 8 Engine #U2843X 1931 Model 70. This engine was also used in 1928-30 Marmon models 68, 69, and the Roosevelt. Very complete and restorable turns over freely. Has starter, generator, carb, distributor, clutch, bell housing, brake pedal, clutch pedal &hand brake lever all in good condition. Water pump also turns easily by hand. Have also tranny case and shifter, but gears are rusty. Layshaft, mainshaft may be usable. Mounted on steel skidframe. Located at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. For serious interested party I would be willing to haul it to the mainland to meet up @ Mt. Vernon, Burlington, etc. trades may be possible. If I get no serious response I will have to part out the sellable stuff and scrap the rest. Loosing storage space soon.




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