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Barney Eaton

1990 Red/Tan coupe for sale

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Mr. Smith in Beaumont TX wants to get rid of his 1990 coupe.....he contacted me for assistance and I offered to put it on this site.  I have never seen the car or met Mr. Smith, I am just posting.

104,000 miles, he says it is mechanically sound but the brake line to the rear is rusted and the local shop wants $1,500 to replace the line(s) and he is not willing to spend the $$$

Here is his problem.........

"  I learned a lot about the car and won first place at the Wolf Creek car show a acouple of weeks ago.  However, the journey is over.  I found the brake fluid on the ground under the car a cuople of days ago.

 I had it towed to a shop and they found that the brake line from the master cylinder to the rear splitter needed to be replace due to rust deterioration.  The shop qoted me $1500 to replace it as the entire under side of the car was rusted out.

 The fuel tank needed to be lowered but the straps were rusted and would need to be replaced, however, the mounting brakets were unservicable and would need rebuilding.

 The engine cradle suspension bolts are rusted and when the car was lifted on the hoist the cradle dropped considerably.  In total, they said that they were not interested in tackling the job.

 So, the car is junk. My question to you is; do you know of anyone who would purchase this car for whatever parts can be salvaged rather than just send it to the junk yard? "


If you would like to learn more, send me a PM and I will get you the contact information.

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