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Is a title required for an verseas sale can a bill of sale suffice for a 1980 or older vehicle

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I have an overseas buyer interested in my 1978 Triumph. I have the title from the seller that sold it to me with my buyer info. but after restoration

I want to avoid registering it and paying taxes on it. Anyone know If I can sell it to new buyer with my sellers title addressed to me as buyer or If

a plain bill of sale would suffice?



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It all depends on the location of the buyer, most overseas locations do not need a USA  "title" either a bill of sale, or if going overseas by sea the shipping company's "Bill of Lading" or a Reciept from the seller with the cars description including engine and chassis number can  act as proof of ownership in most countries. - I live in Australia and have shipped a number of cars to both British and European buyers. The only time I was asked for a "Title" was when I sold, a car originally made in America and sold when new in Australia, to an American buyer 80 years later. He eventually obtained a USA Title for the car showing him as the first American owner.



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