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84 Toronado engine swap

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You can put any small block Olds engine (260-307-330-350-403) in this car and all accessory holes and most brackets are the same 68-up. Everything else will fit too. You'll have to bolt the Toro front engine mount to the new engine. Since you're yanking the 307 anyway, why not get the most cubes for yer money and do the 403? 400-425-455 can be put in there, but it would be a chore.<P>You'll have to use yer existing exhaust manifolds unless you can find a set for a 1977-78 Toronado which had 403s. They have larger ports than the 307 manifolds and might require some custom pipe bending.<P>Get a harmonic balancer for whatever engine you put in the car.

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I`m replacing the factory 307 with a 350. I`m a RWD Chevy guy who has performed many engine swaps,but this will be my first on an Olds FWD of this type. I`ve removed all of the smog and computer equipment as my state doesn`t require a smog test for this year. I`ve already purchased a mechanical vacuum advance distributor and a non computerized Q-Jet. My questions are will the 307(non-roller)intake,valve covers,oil pan,harmonic balancer,and exhaust manifolds fit the 350? My options on a rebuilt 350 are 68-76(non-smog),77-79(smog),and 80(smog). Are the accessory holes drilled the same on all of them? I`d like to buy the non-smog engine,but I`m concerned about everything bolting up. Thanks.

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