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47 continental

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i am still working on the 47 dash and have almost completed with all instruments and wiring harness working.

I still can't determine how the speedometer cable exits the cabin.

In my other thread , I was told that it does exit through the firewall but the only  hole I have left

is for the fresh air cable.

I will never store pictures on a hard drive again without some type of back-up and a search on the internet has yielded no results

This car was supposed to be back together as a driver within a year but it turned into a restoration seven years ago.

Any help would be appreciated.



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go back to your original post of your 47 dash question, I posted a photo there showing what I think you are asking for.  Mine is a 41, and I doubt yours is any different.  You actually can't see the hole from inside the car, slide under the rear of the left front fender,  you should see the inch hole I am talking about up there near the dimmer switch.  Put something in that hole and you should be able to locate where it comes in the interior of the car, just to the left of the clutch pedal, about maybe 4 inches up.  Here is another photo from inside that might help.




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I got it. Never thought to look for that hole and the new cowl insulation pad was covering the interior access.

Looks like it belongs there.

I really appreciate the pictures and your time and would be happy to help you or others if I am able.

Thanks again,


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