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Brochure of Continental Engine Co, The "Imitation" Continental", 1899??--1913/14??

Bud Tierney

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Continental Engine Co, usually showing adds of the Fisher Bldg, or at corner of Kingsbury and Huron, both in Chicago, sometimes with "works at Dallas City, IL " but later referring to factory/shops (plural) at the Kingsbury/Huron location, advertised a full line of engines, some of which were written up in trade magazines of the period (1905-08 especially)...

Many of the ads stated "our book shows all", presumably referring to a brochure...

Engines mentioned in ads included air and water cooled, with some models available either way, from 1 Cyl vertical marine to 150 HP Producer Gas engine going into a dredge, light air cooleds for aircraft use to vertical 4s water cooleds very similar, but discernibly different, per ad illus, to Cont'l Mtr Mfg Co of Muskegon/Detroit 4s, and even a V8 which my never've gotten into production, altho article said was one of line they "built" (not "intended to build" or "available" or some such qualifying language)...

Probable high points of the Continental" confusions were

(1) Horseless Age apologizing to readers for accidentally putting Cont Eng Co illus in Cont Mtr mfg Co ad, or was it vice versa??...

(2) trade magazine issue containing 1/2 page ads by each of the two companies, ON THE SAME PAGE...I had copy, but've mislaid it, and maybe issue of mag they were in...

ANYWAY,  does any literature collector here maybe have a Cont;l ENGINE CO brochure mixed in with Autocar Eqpmt Co/Contl MTR  MFG CO literature???

Any comments appreciated...                                  Bud T

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