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Continental Air Cooled 4 0r 6 1907 in Barnes or Servitor???

Bud Tierney

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Barnes Mfg, Sandusky, Ohio, built two cars in 1907---the Barnes and the Servitor (Std Cat)...

Under the Barnes thumbnail the engines for both cars are described as fours, air cooled...

Lou Phillips (Cars) lists the Servitor with a six cyl air cooled Continental...my time'd run out so I couldn't see what he said about the Barnes...

Did Continental (Autocar/Cont'l of Muskegon etc, THE Cont'l) build air cooled fours (could be opp or vert) for cars???

I'm wondering if this could be the "imitation" Cont'l (Continental Engine Co of the Fisher Bldg and later corner of Kingsbury and Huron streets in Chicago, works allegedly in Dallas City, IL)

A Gas Engine article on Cont'l Engine Co in Jan 1905 includes mention of  their "A",  a 4 or 6 vert in pairs, their "B",  a 4 vert, their "D" a 3 or 4 air cooled, both 31/2 x 41/2, as well as double opposed and small marine types...other ads refer to their engines, or at least some of them, available as either water or air cooled...

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