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F/S late 50's, early 60's police or ambulance radio set-up.

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I have a VERY heavy 2 way radio set-up for sale for $100. It has a trunk mounted box weighing about 100 pounds, connecting cables to the driver's area, dash mounted speaker, 2 microphones - 1 is a button operated black telephone send/reciever and the other is a hand mic as used on "Dragnet". Only thing missing is the antenna. Was told it's 6 or 12 volt. Guess that doesn't matter as everything is digital now. Can deliver to Hershey space OBJ 26 with a day's notice or pick-up at Hamburg, Pa. (near Hershey) I will not ship - too heavy.




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I may be interested in this depending on more details.  Pics or additional information on manufacturer and/or model would be helpful.  At the very least, bring it to Hershey and I will look you up either Wednesday or Thursday, whichever day is less rainy.

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