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  1. I'm bringing it to Hershey (again). Will be at OBJ 26. I'll have a hand cart - it's really needed. Phil.
  2. Still tripping over this thing in the garage. Can bring to Hershey next week. See my post in the Commercial Forum for full description. Thanks, Phil.
  3. Like the title says except no antenna. I'm near Hershey, so I can bring it there any day. Please see my ad in the commercial section for more details. Thanks, Phil.
  4. I still have this thing and will bring it to Hershey this week if someone is interested. I'm still at OBJ 26. Thanks, Phil.
  5. Does anybody know of any '50's British car that originally used this tire? A few years ago, through this miracle they call the internet, I bought 5 NOS absolutely "original" size tires for my XK140. "Last original equipment set for your car in the world." Turns out I need 6.00 instead of 6.70, so I need to find a British car that used this size and hope to sell and get back some of my cost. I did find that they do fit a Jaguar, but it's the big Mark 7,8,&9 sedans. I don't think there's a big sedan owner that wants 60+ year old tires that he can't drive on safely. Even though they're very p
  6. I have a police radio set-up from late 50's or early 60's. The base unit is a big, heavy case for the trunk with connecting lines to the dash. There's a small control unit, a speaker box, 2 microphones ( 1 a small "Dragnet" unit and the other a black telephone button activated unit). I don't have an antenna. I have a similar ad in the commercial section in case someone with a restored emergency vehicle needs the real thing. It's supposed to be 6 or 12 volt, but that doesn't matter anymore as everything is digital these days. It's really heavy so i'll only bring it to Hershey if someone's inter
  7. I still have this crazy thing but it's to big and heavy to bring to Hershey unless some one's really interested. You can see my ad below from last year. It can be used with both 6 and 12 volt systems, but that's useless as everything's digital these days. I restore 50's and 60's jaguars so I really can't use this thing. Maybe i'll trade an old Jag part I can use. Thanks, Phil.
  8. I have a VERY heavy 2 way radio set-up for sale for $100. It has a trunk mounted box weighing about 100 pounds, connecting cables to the driver's area, dash mounted speaker, 2 microphones - 1 is a button operated black telephone send/reciever and the other is a hand mic as used on "Dragnet". Only thing missing is the antenna. Was told it's 6 or 12 volt. Guess that doesn't matter as everything is digital now. Can deliver to Hershey space OBJ 26 with a day's notice or pick-up at Hamburg, Pa. (near Hershey) I will not ship - too heavy. Thanks, Phil.
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